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We share our customers’ high standards. To ensure they are met, we developed a system that can be tailored precisely to our customers’ needs and wishes. Our Excellent Line offers DesignStands, which combine outstanding technical quality and an elegant look. Attractive locations in which wall and ceiling installations would detract from the overall appeal or aren’t feasible for structural reasons can be equipped with media technology without great effort or expense. The various elements of the DesignStands can be combined in any number of ways and used with great flexibility for video, sound or lighting technology. This means that even special challenges are no match for us − we go the extra mile to deliver what our customers want and anticipate how we can meet their needs.



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A stage and the speakers to go with it are not enough to turn an event into an experience. Don’t get us wrong: top-of-the-line technology is important. It just isn’t everything. You also need experts and unconventional thinkers who know exactly what has to be done based on their experience. The atmosphere of an event only really comes alive with high-impact emotions that will leave you with goosebumps once all individual components are working in perfect harmony and the technology blends into the background.







Your event is a success if you reach the goals you plan to achieve with it, ultimately turning guests into delighted visitors, motivated employees, enthusiastic customers or confident shareholders. A successfully staged event also pays off for you across the board, by the way. How come? Because it garners you recognition, regard and − above all − guests who look forward to returning to the next event.

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When you partner with us, we pair you with a specific contact person who assists you from the beginning and lends advice every step of the way. This is how we ensure that the project proceeds with transparency at all times and remains something that you can wrap your head around. With the help of cutting-edge simulation technology, we run through the event step by step. This enables us to identify potential stumbling blocks and eliminate them before the event takes place. You can trust in us, because we include redundancies and review each process to ensure feasibility.

Technology and the technicians behind it are the items listed on your invoice. But after the event, there is no mistaking that you got something much more valuable from us: a smooth, seamless event that was so memorable it will give you gooseflesh just thinking about it. When you collaborate with us, you have an experienced project partner at your side who takes work off your shoulders, thinks with initiative and doesn’t blindly follow instructions. We provide advice, work with you to develop a concept and its plans, and do whatever is necessary to ensure your event is a complete success.




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