Charity sporting event: 24-hour run

We were in charge of overall technical planning, implementation and management for the entire open-air event with an indoor disco.

The charity event is held once a year and goes on for 24 non-stop hours. Besides a charity run, there was also a large stage featuring live music and an indoor dance floor where guests partied late into the night. We had to guarantee smooth, non-stop operation over two days, with the microphone changing hands between the bands on stage. At the same time, moderated discussions were also taking place, and the event was shown live on the LED screen from many different standpoints. Additional sound and light systems helped keep the approximately 3,200 runners on the course fired up, while visitors celebrated on the grounds. None of this posed a problem for us, as we had experienced experts on the job and because we had a plan B up our sleeve to handle any hiccough. Once again, though, we didn’t have to resort to plan B.