Audi Classic Open Air

For two whole nights, Klenzepark in Ingolstadt was home to an unforgettable open-air concert experience.

This event at Ingolstadt’s Klenzepark is one of the summer’s concert-going highlights each year. We have had the honour several times already of handling the technical aspects for the event, which included audio to fill the entire park with the sound of classical music, as well as providing a stage with enough space and microphones for an entire orchestra. We also came up with a lighting design to match the concept of the concert, creating the perfect ambience for this open-air event.

The open-air concert really challenged us: not only were we responsible for sound, lighting and the stage, but we were also in charge of overall project management and implementation. Among other things, this included organising the entire infrastructure, catering for guests and performers. Not least, there was also the safety of approximately 15,000 guests on two evenings to look after. This was an extensive project that allowed us to demonstrate how smoothly a major event can run if all of the moving parts are perfectly coordinated and orchestrated by our overall production management.